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Welcome To Atlas Safaris Ltd

Welcome to Atlas safaris, uganda. with us you are never short of excitement, attractions or even shock. It is part of our life style. Seeing a lion kill and enjoy a fresh meal killed and served by his lioness, seeing an elephant which has given birth to a calf with a fresh Placenta insight and Hyenas waiting to eat the left overs. Flying in a hot air balloon to view the animals and the beautiful scenery in our safaris, Whether your interest is mountain gorilla tour, game viewing, forest primates trek, Bird viewing, Mountain climbing, white water rafting, Bungee jumping, kayaking, Sport fishing, cultural tours, the country simply holds most of Africa's Secrets.


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A very good experience. A good driver guide (Augustine) very sociable and punctual. His performance is excellent. Mario Miralles & Albert Garcia from Spain 
The driver guide Augustine was very friendly, flexible, helpful and on time. Ugandans are very friendly people and nice to us Mzungus! Thank you for this great experience.  Christian Ludwik from Australia 
You Far Exceeded our Expectations!! We cannot fault any part of your operation. Not only helpful but very much attended to detail e.g. our wedding Anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Visocci from the USA
A good experience and 100% enjoyable Chris Grieg from the USA
Great experience in a beautiful country & simply fantastic Veglia Maurizio & Pellegrino Claudia from Italy 
Our driver guide Paul was fantastic as both driver and guide. Paul knows a lot about his country. A good experience. Good overall organization! Florin Pounce & Xavier Miserez from Switzerland 
When will we next be in Uganda with Atlas Safaris?!! Thanks for all. Garnerone Alfio & F. Michela from Italy
A good discovery! De Poncins from France 

Safari Types


National Parks, Safari in Uganda

National Parks/ Game Drives

Uganda's variety of terrains has blessed it with 10 very different National parks with an even wider variety of animals, wildlife and amazingly scenic views. From the snow capped heights of the Rwenzori Mountains, to the crater lakes of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mountain Gorillas to tree climbing Lions, Uganda number is full of diversity. 


Boat Cruise Safaris Ugaanda

Boat Cruise Safaris

Uganda is situated in the Great Lakes region of East Africa, with Lake Victoria (Africa's largest lake) being the source of the River Nile. With many animals and wildlife making these waterways their home and many others coming to drink at them , boat cruises are the perfect way to observe these in relaxing conditions.Boat Cruise Safaris

White Water Rafting Uganda

Adventure & Extreme Sports Safaris

Uganda is fast becoming known as the adventure capitol of East Africa. With bungee jumping and extreme water sports in Jinja, to mountain climbing  in the Rwenzori Mountains and Mount Elgon, there are not many places in the world that offer such a wide range of experiences. Adventure Safaris 


Bird Watching Safari

Bird Watching Safaris

With over 1000 species of birds in Uganda , it is one of the top bird spotting locations in the world. If you want a bespoke holiday to take you exactly where you want to go, without time constraints or other distractions, choose our Bird Watching Safaris. We will take you to the best locations with a knowledgeable guide to help you spot everything. Bird Watching

religious pilgrimige Uganda

Religious Pilgrimages

There are several sites of religious importance including the shrine of Namugongo where many Christians were martyred. Christian Pilgrimage - Uganda Martyrs Namugongo Shrine


gorilla tracking

Gorilla Tracking

Uganda is home to some of the only mountain Gorillas left in the world. A safari to track these Gorillas is an essential experience of Uganda. Gorilla Tracking


Cultural Safari, Safari in Uganda

Cultural Safaris

Uganda is a mix of many different tribes and migrations from different parts of Africa and the world. To learn the history and meaning of Uganda's cultures and traditions, choose one of our cultural safaris.

Travel Tips For Uganda Safaris

  • Getting There
  • Visa's
  • Time
  • Health
  • Money
  • Language
  • When to Visit
  • What to wear
  • What to bring
  • Driving
  • Tipping
  • Food and Drinks
  • What to Buy

Most of the International airlines fly through Entebbe International Airport which lies 40 Km from the capital Kampala. Alternatively Uganda can also be reached overland from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.


A visa can be arranged at the airport for those who require one. It can be purchased at the airport on the spot or at any of the overland border points. 

Local time is +3 GMT

A Yellow fever certificate is required from some countries. All visitors are advised to take Malaria prophylactic drugs. Its advisable to drink bottled water rather than tap water.


The unit of currency is the Uganda shilling. The US dollar is traditionally the hard currency of preference; but the Euro and Pound Sterling are also widely accepted. Hard currency can be changed fir local currency at banks & private bureau de change in all large towns; but travellers’ cheques are not widely accepted outside Kampala. Local currency can be drawn against Visa and other major Credit cards at selected ATM’s in Kampala, at Entebbe International Airport and a few other large towns.

Educated Ugandans are generally fluent in English which is the official Language.


Uganda can be visited at anytime though mountain hikes, gorilla trekking and other forest walks are more challenging during the rainy seasons which generally peak over mid- September to November and March to May.

Day time temperatures are generally warm to hot, so bring lots of light clothing. But also don’t forget to bring an umbrella, a mackintosh, a pair of gloves and a pair of good solid walking shoes and study clothing are ideal for forest walks and gorilla trekking. Don’t forget to bring a hat, Sun glasses and water proof jacket.


A valid Passport is mandatory and Visa requirements should be checked before travelling. A pair of good Binoculars & Camera. Photographers will need a zoom lens for wildlife. (70-300 or similar).

Driving is on the left side, visitors without experience of Africa roads are advised to organize a vehicle with a driver rather than a self drive.

Tipping is not standard practice at local hotels and restaurants, but it will always be appreciated. Its normal $5-10 at tourist oriented restaurants. Drivers and guides should always be tipped.


Tourist oriented hotels and restaurants serve good western style meals, while a wider range of cousines being available in the capital, National Parks, Lodges and some Large towns with imported variety of assorted drinks and local beers, spirits and soft drinks.

Wide selections of local handicrafts are available as souvenirs and Atlas African Safaris Ltd can assist to take you to the market places around Kampala.

Video & Photo Gallery

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japan tourism uganda



White Water Rafting

Uganda's source of the Nile at Jinja is home to grade 5 rapids. Come and enjoy white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, bungee jumping and more. 

Gorilla Tracking

Uganda is home to most of the remaining Wild Mountain Gorillas in the Western region of Uganda and neighboring Rwanda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is Ugandas biggest national park covering 1,978 Km2. Here you can find the famous Tree Climbing Lions in the southern Ishasha sector. It is also home to more species of birds than any other National Park in Uganda.


Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park is the location where the River Nile is forced through a rock 3 metres wide followed by a drop down the face of Murchison Falls.

Lake Mburo National Park

The Park has Aardvark, Hyrax, Porcupine, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Pangolin, Warthog, Hyena, Leopard, Buffalo, Civet, Genet, Topi, Eland, Klipspringer, Oribi, Sitatunga, Impala, eland and crocodile Hippos and crocodiles can be seen grazing on cool mornings. It also has over 350 species of birds to view.  

Mount Rwenzori National Park

These snow peaked mountains in the western region of Uganda are known as the mountains of the moon and are home to a great deal of unique and unusual fauna and flora as well as many rare species of birds and beautiful scenery.

Our Favourites

  • Kasubi Tombs & Uganda Museum. >

    Kabaka Mutesa 1 who brought in Uganda christianity( King of Buganda Kingdom)as his palace. When he died, he was buried there. It was named after his mother as Muzibu Azaala Mpanga.The grass thatched house is 32 metres wide& 20 metres high!It is the Largest grass thatched house in the world. It houses the mausoleums of the four former Kabakas (Kings) Read More
  • Water Rafting & Bungee Jumping >

    White water rafting Bungee jumping and Kayakingall are experienced in this area.White water rafting and Bungee jumping are a popular sport on the Victoria Nile near Jinja. It is operated by Adrift Adventures originally from Australia. The river is supposed to be class 5 making it more Challenging in the World than the Popular Zambezi, and Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. Read More
  • Chimpanzee Tracking & Habituation >

    Kibale National Park They live in a very organized society of families. Each family has a dominant male Alpha that provides protection and direction.The young ones and the rest in the family have to adhere to strict rules else they are disciplined by the big boss or the dominant male. Most of the Chimpanzees are found in Kibale forest National Read More
  • Cultural Evening With Ndere Troupe >

    Uganda is a multi cultural society.click watch uganda dacers by dere troupe. One of the ways a tourist is exposed to our culture is through Music& Drama.Visits to cultural sites of the Kingdom of Buganda, Toro,Bunyoro,& Busoga,and the Uganda Museum, will tell a lot of our culture. A visit to the Newly set up NDERE CENTRE within Kampala area, will Read More
  • Bark Cloth Making >

    Bark Cloth Or" Orubugo" as it is locally known,is an ancient craft.It was made for The Royal wear & other people. It came on the scene around 1700 in Uganda.It was used for the public as blanket at night& as a wear to cover peoples' bodies.By the texture of the fibre it was used towrap dead bodies in because it Read More
  • Christian Pilgrimage - Uganda Martyrs Namugongo Shrine >

    CHRISTIAN PILGRIMAGE AT THE NAMUGONGO MATYR'S SHRINE, (1/2 DAY) After breakfast i.e 9am, from your hotel, you will be picked up and taken to Namugongo matyr's shrine. You will be conducted around the place, one for the Protestants & the other for the Catholics. Each denomination maintains a church there and a service may be conducted while there, or after Read More
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