Day 1: Kigali – Nyungwe (via Butare)

Departure from Kigali to Butare around 7:00am. Around 9:00am visit of the King Rudahingwa’s 1931 Palace. The residence of King Mutara III Rudahingwa, still stands as it did when during the Kings stay. This palace gives visitors a glimpse into how the Rwandan King lived. And on the neighboring hill ‘Mwima’, one can visit the King Mutara III and his wife Queen Rosalie Gicanda burial site.Around 11:00am arrival at the Ethnographic Museum of Butare. This museum was inaugurated in 1989 and houses one of Africa’s finest ethnographic collections, shown in its seven rooms, displaying historical, both per colonial and colonial artisticone and archeological artifacts, giving all visitors a rich insight into the Rwandan culture. Lunch at the Ibis hotel. In the afternoon, enjoy the scenic transfer to Nyungwe Forest. Dinner and Overnight: Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Day 2: Nyungwe

Departure around 5:00 am from the lodge for the chimps trekking. About 500 chimpanzees live here including a small community in the nearby Cyamudongo Forest. It is common to hear chimpanzees before seeing them. Listen for a single loud noise followed by several growing louder from deep within forest. After the trekking lunch at the Lodge, time to visit the Colobus monkeys. 400 Angola Colobus are known to inhabit Nyungwe National Park making them the largest group recorded in the world. Restricted to the Albertine Rift Eco-system, this primate is easily recognizable from any other due to its contrasting black fur and face surrounded by snow-white locks of hair on his face, shoulders and tail tip.

Day 3: Nyungwe - Kigali

In the morning (10:00am) departure for the canopy walk. This walkway is constructed on the Igishigishigi Trail and leaves 1 Km from Uwinka. It leads to a 200m trail, suspended between giant trees. It offers a magnificent view of the upper canopy and is also a very good bird watching area. Packed lunch en route, arrival in the evening at Kigali. Dinner and Overnight: Kigali Serena Hotel

Day 4: Airport transfer

After your breakfast, transfer to the airport in the morning for your departure flight.