Uganda Ideal For Trekking Chimpanzees

Chimpanzee trekking is an amazing experience you will never forget, and Uganda is one of the best places in Africa left to do so. There are only 5000 chimpanzees left in Uganda , having lost 90% of its population in the last 500 years. In Kibale National Forest however there is a sizeable population of 1420 chimpanzees.

The Experience

On encountering a "community" of chimpanzees, which can range from 10 to 100 members, you will be able to observe there playful antics as they play , feed, groom and go about there daily activities. A small distance is required to be kept between you and the Chimps as it is important to let them continue undisturbed without the disturbance of human interaction. The visits last for around 2-3 hours and many other primates may be seen on the visit including red and white Colobus Monkeys, red tailed Monkeys and grey cheeked Mangabeys.

Facts About Chimpanzees

They live in a very organized society of families. Each family has a dominant male Alpha that provides protection and direction.The young ones and the rest in the family have to adhere to strict rules else they are disciplined by the big boss or the dominant male. Most of the Chimpanzees are found in Kibale forest National park covers 795 square kilometers of Tropical Forest. This is a home of 13 species of Primates including chimpanzees Kibale National Park is Primatologists dream. It hosts a population of more than 1000 Chimpanzees, of which 80 strong community has been habituated to Tourists.
Among the noisiest and most intelligent of wild animals. Spend equal time in trees and on land. Live in troops of 30 to 80 individuals. Diet: Fruits, leaves and occasionally eat meat. They hunt and eat blue, red tailed colobus monkeys. Gestation: 8 months to which they give birth to 1 baby. Sexual maturity at 8 - 10 years. Life Span: 50 years. Population in Uganda: 5000 most of it in Kibale Forest, Budongo, Maramagambo areas.