Cultural Tours of Uganda

Uganda has a rich and vibrant culture with a diverse group of peoples with fascinating customs and traditions. Our cultural tours will bring you right to the heart of Ugandan culture explaining everything thoroughly along the way.

Namugongo Christian Marytrs Shrine

Namugongo was the scene of the execution of Christian Martyrs in 1886 by the then King of Baganda. Many people gather here to remember these people at the shrine of Namugongo.

Bark Cloth Making

Bark Cloth Or" Orubugo" as it is locally known,is an ancient craft.It was made for The Royal wear & other people. It came on the scene around 1700 in Uganda.It was used for the public as blanket at night& as a wear to cover peoples' bodies.By the texture of the fibre it was used towrap dead bodies in because it absorbed all the fluids.